Mexico is recognized for being a colorful and flowery festive, hence the need to enhance our culture through what we are passionate about, that is, jewelry in sterling silver and gold through artisanal techniques.

«For us, jewelry is utilitarian sculpture, it is a creative process that consists of the abstraction of the forms of the environment to make them emerge through the forging of metal. »

At ISMEX, traditional jewelry techniques are rescued and repositioned, which we also complement with the fusion of our style and innovative sculptural design.

It is a pride that in our value chain we collaborate and have the support of local artisans specialized in these techniques so that each piece is impregnated with the history of Guanajuato and therefore the history of Mexico. It carries the essence of each craftsman who with their hands makes emerge from the metal the flowers that characterize us.

Our jewelry preserves a beautiful tradition through the creation of subtle and elegant pieces for the Mexican or foreign woman who loves to travel and wants to take a symbolic as well as significant memory of Mexico, we create the perfect complement for the daily clothing of women. we create jewelry that evokes tradition.